Once a disease has been diagnosed it is largely cured

Decay Aesthetics

The tenth and final chapter in Leon Battista Alberti’s book, On the Art of Building in Ten Books, is entitled Restoration of Buildings. In it, Alberti provides various solutions to building faults. It is in his introduction, where he sets the scene for the restoration of faulty buildings. He begins with:

If we are to discuss the faults of building and their correction, we ought first to consider the nature and type of the faults that may be corrected by the hand of man; as the physicians maintain that once a disease has been diagnosed it is largely cured. (p320)

While I like this quote, it leads me down a path of questions. If the cure for a faulty building is to renovate, to what state in the metaphor is the patient returned to? In regards to decay and ageing, will restoration return it to a younger more relevant…

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